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Join me for online Nia classes Tuesdays , Thursdays, + Fridays at 10a PT. Participate from anywhere in the world!

Nia is a holistic movement practice that integrates dance, martial arts, and yoga. The most amazing workout for body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Get more than sweat, Nia is for ALL of you.


Allison co-hosts: 16 Expert Speakers. Cutting Edge Sustainability Info. Entirely Online.


10 Easy Fixes to Reduce Single-Use Plastic

Beyond “Bring Your Own Mug” Sustainability Strategies, you’ll get proven tips to help protect our planet and reverse the climate crisis.

If you stop using plastic bottles, your audience will too:

You have the power to effect great change in the world. Are you owning it?

Yep, your followers are looking up to you—copying
your every move. So, instead of selling them on a hyper-consumptive earth-devastating lifestyle… about being an example of truly sustainable living? 

What you DO makes a difference.

Is it the kind you want to be making?

Whether you’re an influencer, event producer, Hollywood producer, business, or organization, your audience is watching your every move.

Are you unknowingly embarrassing yourself like Netflix's Dead to Me just did by releasing balloons? (Oops! Definitely NOT something to be modeling to millions of people! Have you seen what happens when that thing lands in the ocean?)

Or how about the meditation conference that just got reamed for having two plastic water bottles on stage for a speaker? Don't do it!

Make sure your message is one of leadership and sustainability.

How, you’re wondering?

Hi, I’m Allison. My expertise is in working with you to make sure that what you say is important to you is what you’re actually doing.

That’s the only way you can make the kind of difference you want to make—being a part of the solution, rather than adding to the problem.

If you want me to consult you on becoming a sustainable business or you want your next event to be cruelty & plastic free to make a positive impact on the planet…


PWR Coalition

Allison co-founded PWR (Plastic Waste Reduction) Coalition to educate and empower youth through PWR for Youth. PWR Coalition also educates and inspires communities to heal our planet with plastic waste reduction.


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