Do you have enough time for self-care?


I still remember the last time I apologized for taking too long to return a friend's call, bemoaning my “ridiculously busy schedule” (formerly one of my favorite phrases). He stopped me and said rather matter-of-factly, “It’s not that you didn’t have the time. Calling me back just wasn’t a priority for you.” 

All at once, I felt guilty, ashamed, and relieved.

It was true. He wasn’t my priority. And it wasn’t personal.

We all know that it’s important to move our bodies, eat quality food, meditate, and a handful of other healthy practices, and yet with all of modern society’s conveniences, we seem to have less time for self-care.

How is it that we have so little time?

It’s an illusion, a story or maybe even a lie that we tell ourselves.

What? Yes, it’s true, Beautiful. You do have time for self-care. You’re simply prioritizing other things above yourself.

It’s not your fault though—we live in a culture that normalizes neglecting ourselves. 

So let’s be honest, it’s not about time management, it’s about priorities.

How much time do you spend “checking out?” It happens in myriad ways. At the top of my list is Facebook. How about you? Ever sat down to check your news feed for a quick glance, only to look up to find that two hours have passed? Yeah, me too. 

Imagine all the self-care you could have had in that time: 20 minutes for meditation and time to make a delectable meal from scratch; or 60 minutes of exercise, and plenty more for a luxuriously-paced shower, even some light reading; calling a friend; time spent with someone you love; or something else that brings you joy.

We each have the same 24 hours in a day. There's plenty of time to do some things, there just isn’t enough to time to do ALL the things.

And in that light, it all comes down to priorities. What are yours?

With love,


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