Marianne Williamson’s Bid for the 2020 Presidency

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Since 2016,I’ve become much more political. Why? Because I now understand that political issues affect people personally and vice versa. 

It’s strained some of my relationships and I’ve heard that some leaders have lost “fans” by talking about politics. Even one of my mentors, Brené Brown, has been told to keep her political opinions to herself.

I know I’m taking a risk. Thank goodness I’ve recovered enough from people pleasing to be able to do it. Because these are issues that matter deeply to me and that’s why like Brené, I won't keep quiet.

Still with me? Great!

In case you’re not familiar with her work, Marianne is a longtime spiritual author and teacher—she's one of my first!

I’m so very impressed with her position, message, impeccable communication, poise, and willingness to challenge with strength, authority, and assertion, without attacking anyone. I’ve never heard a candidate or politician talk about some of the things she’s saying.

Her perspective is surely the antidote to capitalism’s downfalls. I especially love what she says about shifting our lens beyond the narrow focus of economic issues. Much of politics has been money-based, not people-based and I believe that’s a big part of how we got into this mess.

Can’t wait to hear what you think of these things if you take a look. You may be as impressed with her brilliant mind and heart as I am.

Of course, if political experience were still required to hold that office, I’d say she has zero chance. For now, I’m gonna hold hope. 

Below are links to some videos and short articles of Marianne talking about her positions and her presidential campaign. I hope you'll watch and read.

  • This is an amazing interview she did, where she covers topics such as power, taking a knee, reparations, immigration, guns, drugs, and more. If you watch only one of these things I’m referencing, please let it be this.
  • This article makes me yearn to see her on the debate stage.
  • This is a short thing she wrote about climate change. It’s good.
  • This is 5 minutes of her kicking ass. With love. =)

If you’re inspired by Marianne's message and want to see her bring these issues to the debate stage, you can help make that happen with as little as $1.

Each candidate needs 65,000 individual donors (even if it’s only $1 each) to get onto the debate stage and the deadline is Sunday, March 31. I hope you’ll consider it.

The last thing I’ll leave you with about Marianne is this letter she sent about a cabinet-level Department of Childhood and Youth. I’ve copied it below.

I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts if you decide to dig into some of this Marianne Williamson goodness.

With love,

Dear Friends,

Millions of American children live in chronic trauma in America, many going to schools that do not even meet minimum safety standards and in classrooms where teachers don’t have the adequate supplies with which to teach a child how to read. A child who cannot read by the age of 8 is drastically less likely to graduate from high school, and drastically more likely to someday be incarcerated. Many of these children live in our “domestic war zones,” where psychologists say their PTSD is no less severe than that of veterans returning from Afghanistan or Iraq.

Because these children are not old enough to vote, they do not represent a constituency. And because they’re not old enough to work, they have no financial leverage and therefore cannot compete with the clout of corporate forces whose financial influence dominates the workings of our Congress.

If one person neglects a child, we consider their behavior unethical at best and criminal at worst. Then what should we consider the behavior of an entire nation that simply normalizes the despair of millions of our children? 

The chronic trauma of millions of American children should be seen as a humanitarian crisis for them, and a moral crisis for our country. We should rescue them no differently than we would from any other disaster. That is why, as president, I will establish a cabinet-level Department of Childhood and Youth. From wraparound services to anti-trauma programs, restorative justice to conflict resolution, medical and nutritional needs to anti-bullying, social work and drug treatment programs, we need a full co-ordination of all necessary efforts to address a huge swath of despair among our most vulnerable population.

Please see my Child Advocacy section at for further details. 

I deeply appreciate your support of my campaign, and I will continue to articulate what I believe to be the great moral and spiritual questions that confront our country. As our hearts change, and our policies change, we will repair America.

Please remember that I need 65,000 individual contributors by early May in order to make it into the DNC debate stage. I hope you will do everything you can to help make that happen.

All my best,

Photo credit: Marianne Williamson’s website


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