The Video Every Mother Needs to See

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Mother's Day is this Sunday and I want to recognize all the wonderful mothers out there. Whether your babies are humans or have fur, feathers, or scales, you deserve celebration.

I also want to acknowledge all the mothers who will never get to be with their babies, including mama cows entangled in the dairy industry whose babies are taken away shortly after birth so that humans can consume their milk.

If you are a mother or you have or have had one, this very personal video of my experience as a mother will give you a new perspective on dairy. I hope you'll watch and share it!

Even though cows and humans are different, cows have very strong maternal instincts just like humans do. Looking through the eyes of a cow, my experience of motherhood seems like a privilege. But it isn’t. It is the birthright of every mother and child.

You might be asking...But isn't it different on organic, grass-fed, humane, local, family farms, and all those different marketing buzzwords you might see on labels? Sadly, these terms don’t guarantee better lives for the animals. The mechanics remain the same, including the unavoidable separation of baby from mother, painful surgical mutilations without anesthetic, factory-style milking, and premature slaughter.

Terms like these were designed by PR firms to sell more dairy products, at a higher price to kind consumers like us. Don’t be fooled.

It's easy to choose delicious compassion in every bite with milks and cheeses made from plants like coconuts, almonds, cashews, soy, and more. Go for the triple win for people, animals, and planet!

Ready to ditch animal dairy and want a little help? Join Michelle and me at The Dairy Detox.

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