Want more harmony? Start in the bathroom!


There's a big problem lurking in one of our most intimate rooms and it’s depriving many couples of harmony. Once and for all, it's time to put to rest the “Great Toilet Paper Direction Debate.”

Years ago, a couple shared with me that this was one of their biggest and most long-standing fights. To me, the answer was so obvious that I couldn’t believe my ears. Since then, I’ve discovered that toilet paper direction is so controversial that there are a shocking number of pieces that have been written about it. Who knew?

If the GTPDD is an issue in your home, I’m here to help you solve it once and for all. #loftyiknow

Now, you need to know something about me. I tend to over-contemplate far too many things. #understatement Ask my dad; it’s genetic. I’ve even been accused of thinking that my way is the best way—maybe even the right way. Well, obviously! After all, I've made the decision after much consideration and that’s why I've come to that conclusion, right? #recoveringperfectionist

The important thing here is that we could all use more harmony in our homes, so allow me to help end the GTPDD here and now.

Here’s my invitation: Play with a roll of toilet paper. Test out having the sheet on top or over for one day or one week and for the next, put the sheet behind or under/next to the wall. In each direction, notice how many times it needs to be rolled around to find the beginning and use the paper. As you reach for it, sense in your body if you feel that the paper is being “presented” to you when it’s in one direction more than the other. Is there more ease? If that doesn’t answer it, fold the first square into one of those fancy triangles like at a hotel.

You’ll see that there's a clear winner on this one. Trust me. ;-)

With love and a side of humor,

P.S. In case you don't have time to wait for the winner to emerge, here's the answer key.


Thanks to @MrTeun for the image!


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