What happens when you follow your natural rhythm?


Have you ever noticed that sometimes your natural rhythm feels very different from what the world is demanding of you?

For example, needing to hibernate and rest right when the sun and everyone else is bursting out and taking on the world?

Who do you listen to? Yourself, or the outside noise of the culture?

The difference can be described as running on Mechanical Time (what the clock/society says) or Natural Time (what your body, heart, and/or soul are telling you).

The key is to find a balance. Not in a 50/50 sense, but more like what's needed in the moment.

Lately, I've had some intense and painful life experiences, including my dad being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Ouch. Even though we didn't spend much time together when I was growing up, we have always been soul-connected, often having similar insights even with 3000 physical miles between us.

As a recovering overachiever, I'm needing to slow way down, sink into this new reality, and allow myself to feel the truth of the pure pain I feel around losing my last living parent—another one I never really felt like I ever "had."

It's awkward to feel at odds with the tsunami of the culture. And yet, I need to make friends with this.

Even though it's summertime when everyone's out and about doing all kinds of external activities, my Natural Time says to go within and refill my cup. I'm gonna need it.

After my presentations and getting replete with friends at Summerfest next week, we're going to Florida to visit my dad. I have no idea how the near-future will look with him, but I'm going to make myself available in any way he needs.

How often do you know what you need
to do but resist doing it?

Sometimes it feels easier to just go with the flow and to do what is expected—keep your head down, keep working, keep "looking" like you're having fun while your heart is breaking—all things mechanical time tries to force.

Because we tend to be accustomed to doing what we think we're supposed to do, Natural Time can feel counterintuitive. And yet, its very definition is that it's intuitive. I'm going to prove it to myself. Again.

Here's how: I'm taking most of July off to fill my cup.

My questions for you:

  • What is Natural Time asking of YOU for the month of July?
  • Is there something you need to take a break from, go deeper into, come up to the surface from?
  • What kind of declaration will you make to yourself?

With love,

P.S. I hope you have a beautiful month. I'll be back in your inbox in August. 💜


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