When was the last time you had a peak experience?


I thought I'd be terrified and nervous.

Instead, as I donned the headset and stepped into the magic that pulled me like a wave, I surfed ecstatically in my body, mind, emotions, and spirit. 

With ~50 students, including 38 of my fellow trainees, I got to occupy the esteemed spot of my teachers, right up front and center, as I taught in the bright studio I've long held in deep reverence.

Immersed in my own self-care in one of my favorite cities, I spent 6.5 days in Portland, Oregon soaking up the wisdom and brilliance of my trainer, Debbie Rosas. Portland's fave status comes from many things, including two biggies: ubiquitous vegan restaurants and Nia's international headquarters.

Nia is the movement form and lifestyle that I have practiced and taught for the past 11 years. I was called to Nia HQ for my First Degree Black Belt training, and as with each of my five previous trainings, I wondered if I could go deeper and get even more. The answer? 100% YES!

Nia is one of the miraculous resources that has helped me to finally fall in love with my body just as she is even with a family history of food addiction and living in a culture that continuously broadcasts messages that the way we are isn't good enough. Living more authentically in my body brings me back to her genius.

Dripping with sweat, I peeled the mic off my head and handed it to the next teacher as I sailed on my euphoric wave.

Teaching at Studio Nia. Yep, that's one I can now cross off my bucket list.

When was the last time you had a peak experience? I hope you'll post below and tell me what and when so I can share in celebrating YOU!

With love,

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