Why You Need A Digital Detox

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So many of you expressed interest in the Digital Detox I did that I thought I'd make a quick video for you telling you more about it.

In the Digital Age, our sympathetic nervous systems (the one responsible for the fight or flight response) are constantly ON. No wonder stress, fatigue, and burnout are so rampant.

A Digital Detox can give you the space to notice and evaluate whether or not you're living what you say your priorities are. Once you know that, you can adjust your actions and live your life more authentically. 

I discovered so much about myself when I did a two-week Digital Detox. At least one of them was embarrassing to admit and I share it with you in this video.

I'm curious to know if you can relate.

Does this entice you to bring more awareness and consciousness to your digital use?

With analog love, 😉


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