Your Life is Your Statement

Did you know that every action you take, you are making a statement about what you believe in?

My question is, "Are you living in alignment with your values?"

Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of speaking at Oakland VegFest and this is what I spoke about.

With thousands of attendees and dozens of booths, I was so impressed by this incredible event!

Several of you asked if my talk was going to be available on video. I'm thrilled to tell you, YES! And here it is.

I hope you enjoy!


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Recipe: Homemade Frothable Almond Milk

I'm so excited to share this tip with you!

A few weeks ago, Olivia was really wanting to froth milk for me. As a surprise, I bought an aerolatte frother for under $20. Using Trader Joe’s soy milk, which has only two ingredients: organic soybeans and water, it worked like a charm!

Even though I know there are barista-style vegan milks on the market that are formulated to froth, they have more ingredients and sugar than I'd like.

Always up for a kitchen challenge, I wanted to take it a...

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Waiting Is An Action

Does it feel like the external world never wants you to stop? Working, shopping, cleaning, cooking, eating, care-taking, making, doing, doing, doing...

Living in the doing can stop the flow of Being. I know that happens for me. 

Thinking of all the things we need to DO sometimes makes us so overwhelmed that there's no room or energy for imagination.

When we feel stuck, sometimes the answer is to invite a hearty helping of creativity.

Instead of constant doing, we have...

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VIDEO: Building Your Activist Resilience

Do you ever feel like everything is just too much?

You’re not alone. In so many ways, You Are Not Alone.

Last week, I had the honor of offering a resilience training for activists, hosted by Lisa Levinson from In Defense of Animals for their Sustainable Activism campaign. (Shared below).

While this training was specifically for animal activists, the message applies to everyone.

Each one of us is an activist in some way.

Whether it’s for animals, other social justice...

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Saving Sammie’s Friends

When I was 2, I started begging for a sibling. Instead of that, I got someone even better—Tippy. She was my birthday present when I turned 3. Tippy was every bit my sister. I took her everywhere and we did everything together. When she had puppies, I was her 6-year-old midwife. Luckily there were several willing homes for most of the puppies and thankfully, my mom got Tippy spayed after that. But the very best part was that we got to keep one of her puppies. I was thrilled!


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Sometimes pushing isn’t the answer.


Bleary-eyed, numb-handed, and red-nosed, my feet slid out from under me. Feeling awkward in my body and off-balance was a foreign experience for me.

Yesterday, I discovered my personal version of misery.

Last week was Olivia’s Spring Break. We each made a list of how we wanted to spend the week. She wanted lots of playdates and I wanted to do some organizing and deep cleaning. Yep, that’s one kind of fun for me—don’t judge.

We both got what we wanted,...

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What Moves You?


Exercise. It's one of the last things some of us make time for even though we know it's important.

What if you could integrate movement into your daily life or find something you enjoy doing so much that it makes "exercising" a breeze?

In this short video, I talk about how to transform what you think of as exercise.

Take a listen and let me know what you think in the comments below. How are YOU going to move your gorgeous body today?

With love,

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How to Take the Pressure Off Birthdays


As soon as I heard the question, my heart rate quickened and my mind raced around like a pinball as I searched for an acceptable answer.

After too long of a beat, “Ummm... I don’t know,” was all I could muster before I darted out of the room to avoid the question.

Kind of a silly response and especially unexpected if you knew me (I’m usually pretty straightforward and non-avoidant), but “What are you going to do for your birthday?!” can feel like a lot...

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Even though I was scared, I finally did it!

Is there something you've always wanted to do, but are a little afraid of? Yeah, me too.

Sometimes, taking care of ourselves includes stretching beyond what we think is possible and getting a little uncomfortable.

We recently celebrated my husband's birthday on Kauai and I completely stretched myself to do something I'd been wanting to for years—I got my first surfing lesson!

What an experience! Here are my reflections:

  1. Surfing takes WAY more effort than I ever thought.
  2. ...
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How to Create Space with a Pause


One of the best ways to reduce stress is to create little spots in your day to nurture yourself.

I'm a fan of simple and woven throughout the day, so today’s tip is easy to integrate into your life by using an everyday prompt like driving or waiting in line.

Instead of letting agitation escalate, test this out and notice how it helps dissolve tension in only a few seconds:

  1. Pause.
  2. Take a complete inhale through your nose.
  3. Allow a complete exhale through...
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