You Have the Power to Cool the Planet

I was raised without religion.

Of course, this made me beg my mom to let me go to church with my friends.

She was wise to let me find my own answers.

Very early in my search, I could tell that the God they were talking about in Christian churches wasn't the God I felt a connection to.

I decided religion wasn't for me.

Instead, I started to pull together the threads of spiritual teachings that felt meaningful to me as I wove a fabric of my own.

A big part of that fabric became my vegan...

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Do you have FOMO?

As a  chronic over-thinker, I notice that sometimes I can feel stressed out before I've even begun to take action, even if it's no action. I think it stems from something called FOMO, or the Fear Of Missing Out. It's a plague in our culture and most of us have it. This is why I'm such a fan of "less."

Opportunities to feel FOMO abound. Just today, a dear friend asked me if I could do a project that could begin a relationship with a company that might eventually hire me as...

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