Comfortably Yum: 10 Whole-Food Vegan Recipes from the Maven of Mmmm...

What is Comfortably Yum?
After many years of dreaming, recipe creating, testing, and writing an award-winning comfort food column, I'm absolutely thrilled to announce the release of my first e-cookbook–Comfortably Yum: 10 Whole-Food Vegan Recipes from the Maven of Mmmm...

I've selected and perfected 10 very special recipes that are in regular rotation in our own family kitchen. Each is made with whole-food plant-based ingredients. All recipes are naturally gluten-free or can easily be made without gluten. The only sweetener used is coconut sugar, so even people who need lower glycemic sweets can enjoy the decadence!

Why 10 recipes?
10 is a manageable number and I'm hoping there's a good chance that you'll actually make every one of them. There's no need to sift through and make guesses about which to start with; I've already done the culling for you! Every recipe has been tested numerous times by people with varying degrees of experience in the kitchen, so you can feel comfortable knowing that they are doable even for a novice.

Why the name, Comfortably Yum?
Surprisingly, it's not because I'm a Pink Floyd fan. The name came to me as many of my intuitions often do... when I was digging in the dirt in my veganic garden. Comfortably Yum is the sum of comforting food that is delicious and healthful, combined with the comfort of eating with a clear conscience since no animal ingredients are used.

What are the recipes and are there any bonus features in the e-cookbook?
I'm glad you asked! Comfortably Yum contains 10 delectable recipes (shown below) along with handy links throughout the book for easy navigation, as well as my secrets for kitchen success, favorite kitchen tools, cooking tips and techniques, an ingredients glossary, and shopping lists!

What is an e-cookbook?
Available as a digital PDF download, not a print book, Comfortably Yum is delivered instantly.

Beet Burgers

Chocolate-Glazed Fudge Cupcakes

Clam-Free Chowder

Chocolate Salted-Caramel Pudding Parfaits

Home-Style Veggie Pot Pie

Meltable American-Style Cheese Slices

Caesar Salad

Magic Mac 'n Cheese

(Save the) Tuna Melts

Vegan Egg Salad