6 Steps to Reduce Plastic in Amazon Orders


PSSST...Pass it on...

🌍 Tell Amazon to stop using plastic in their orders!

Here's how:

Call Amazon at 888-280-4331, say "Plastic Packaging" and then ask the representative to...

1. Flag your account and others in your household (they go by email address) with the packaging preference of no plastic.

2. Where they would usually report "bad packaging or not padding enough," note that the plastic packaging is environmentally damaging and isn't wanted and to please use zero/less packaging.

3. Enter a general feedback for areas of improvement that gets escalated to a specialist team to bring the plastic issue to their attention.

4. When you place an order, on the section where you choose to delivery address, click on "add delivery instructions" and type "Please use only environmentally friendly packaging- zero plastic whenever possible. Thank You." This will now be a permanent delivery instruction for everything you order.

5. When you don't need something in a day or two (how many times do we actually need that?!), choose a different delivery option. Amazon is flying planes and driving big trucks that are mostly empty just to fulfill their delivery promise of tomorrow.

This is a great video about that thanks to University of California Irvine and Vox.

6. When you can group orders with friends, do it!

While none of this is a guarantee, the more they hear this feedback, the more likely they are to change.

So...please pass it on! 

With love,

P.S. If you want to reduce your plastic use, check out my new organization PWR Coalition.



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