VIDEO: Building Your Activist Resilience

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Do you ever feel like everything is just too much?

You’re not alone. In so many ways, You Are Not Alone.

Last week, I had the honor of offering a resilience training for activists, hosted by Lisa Levinson from In Defense of Animals for their Sustainable Activism campaign. (Shared below).

While this training was specifically for animal activists, the message applies to everyone.

Each one of us is an activist in some way.

Whether it’s for animals, other social justice initiatives, in your families, or feeling oppressed by the greater culture because you’re different in some way, each of us stands for something and can feel overwhelmed and exhausted at times.

Before you watch the video below, I invite you to make yourself a cup of tea, get two pieces of paper, a black pen, and a different colored pen and let’s spend an hour together.

You’ll come away with practical tools you can apply today to your everyday life.

Feel free to post at the bottom of this page your comments, questions, and even answers to the questions I ask in the video.

If you know someone who can benefit from this information, please share the link: with them. We need more resilience in this world.

I offer this to you with the intention of helping you build your resiliency for all the wonderful things you’re doing on this planet.

With love,

Photo of Douglas calf and Jamie by: Marji Beach at Animal Place


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