Celebrate your age, whatever it is!


Once we reach a "certain age," some people stop celebrating their birthdays, or at the very least, they stop counting them. To me, having another birthday beats the alternative, so why not celebrate? 

When we bemoan our age, what we're really doing is buying into the consumerist culture that is obsessed with youth. The single reason we've been sold the lies that signs of aging are undesirable lie within the next sentence. The remedy to every little "flaw" we're supposed to see in ourselves is to buy x, y, and z product. And then, we will be happy.

I say forget that nonsense.

Celebrating a birthday doesn't require a big party (unless that's your thing). However, I do think there's value in acknowledging the day with gratitude for the privilege of getting to be here for another year. If that honor isn't resonating for you, maybe it's time to change something up?

Take a pause to consider:

  • What would bring you JOY as you celebrate your next birthday? 
  • What would make you happy and proud of the number of years you've graced this planet?
  • Once you know it, do it!

Thank you for being born. I'm so glad we get to share this journey together. Thank you!!! ♡

With love,


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