Do you know how to “Find the Good?”


In Winter's darkness, we invite and celebrate the return of Spring’s light.

Before electricity, this was a time of moving inward, calm, rest, and ultimately renewal. Yet, in modern culture, it’s often the busiest part of the year.

If the holiday bustle isn’t chaotic enough, it’s easy to get caught up in the political negativity du jour.

Noticing how easy it is to find what’s “wrong” in the world (whether it’s my small personal world, the world at large, or anything in between), I developed a practice to “Find the Good,” where I intentionally name what is positive or even what’s neutral.

Right now, we’re witnessing a major disruption in our culture. More of us are saying that just because we’ve always done things a certain way doesn’t mean we need to continue doing them this way—and that it’s time to take action on what needs to change.

It’s easy to feel dark and hopeless.

This is when I remind myself to find the good by doing the seemingly small things that bring a glimmer of hope, like spending real-life time with friends.

Even though I tend to be on the introverted end of the scale, I’ve surprised myself the past two weeks as I’ve reached out more for in-person connection. No doubt my time to go within will return, but for now, this feels fulfilling.

I was lucky enough to see Wayne Dyer speak a few years before he passed and was struck by a track analogy he shared that in order for high jumpers to hurdle over the bar, they need to go low first to generate the energy to get over the bar.

Maybe when it seems like we’re low, we’re actually gathering the energy we need to propel us up to the next level.

In this moment of descension before ascension, we need to trust the dark as a pause to reach deep inside to find the element of hope by choosing to actively seek the good.

“Find the Good” is my mantra that invites more light into my life and quells the criticism.

If you’re in a moment of darkness look for the spark of light that will guide you to “Find the Good” in your life.

With love,


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