From Disconnect to Alignment

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Today, I have a very special video for you. It's one of the creations I'm most proud of. I hope you’ll watch it to see just how much power you really have—multiple times every day.

As children, we're taught that there are "dairy cows" that magically and automatically have milk—even that we're doing cows a favor by milking them. They don't, and we're not.

Of course, none of us would ever want to intentionally harm an animal. But what if you discovered that even though you were unaware, your actions were hurtful?

When we value integrity and compassion but turn away from knowledge, saying "I don't want to know," while we’re still complicit in the act of cruelty, there's a disconnect.

The great news is that in one action, you can choose to align with your values. And every day, we have multiple opportunities to practice kindness. Will you take the next step?

Many of us never consider that someone else is paying the price for that chunk of cheese. When we know better, we can do better, and after this video, you will be empowered to do just that.

I had no idea that exploitation is inherent in bringing dairy to the table. Did you know that the veal industry exists only as a result of the dairy industry, not the other way around?

Waking up to this truth is one of the many reasons I'm so passionate about living dairy-free and helping others do the same.

If you need a virtual hug, I'm here for you! And if you want one in person, I’ll soon be sharing my speaking schedule for this summer. I hope to see you!

With love,

P.S. This video has the potential to help billions of animals. Will you please share it?
P.P.S. If you're ready to find delicious dairy-freedom, join us at The Dairy Detox!

Photo + Video credit: Michelle Cehn


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