I can't keep quiet. For anyone. Not anymore.


I'm curious. When were you first silenced? Do you remember how old you were? Were you told to settle down, shut up, or act like a lady? Were you labeled as stubborn, difficult, rigid, or inflexible? Did anyone ever tell you to smile because you're so much prettier when you smile?

If you said no to all of that, my guess is that you may be one in ten million. More likely, you said yes to more than one.

Back in March of this year, I first heard a song that is now my anthem. Although my story isn't exactly the same, I can relate. Too much. I imagine you may be able to too.

Last week, I brought this song to my movement class (the holistic movement form that I practice and teach). My classes always have a focus (what we'll do) and intent (what we'll get from it) and for this class, my focus was using your voice and noticing where you may have been silenced in your life, with the intent to reclaim your power to speak your truth. For two days afterward, my voice had that "good sore" feeling of working a muscle! 😋

So often we keep quiet for reasons that make sense in the moment. Sometimes when we move away and have time to reflect, clarity comes in.

There's so much that can be said about this subject and yet sometimes the shared wordless connection sinks deeper. So, instead, I'll share the beautiful song that was my inspiration, Quiet, by MILCK, which was sung at the Women's March on Washington in January 2017. I'd be interested to hear what, if anything, it brings up for you.

And know that if you've kept quiet about something, I trust and have confidence that you had good reasons. And if/when you're ready to speak it, I hope you'll choose to tell your story to someone who can truly hear and support you, whether it's a trusted friend, therapist, coach, minister, or support hotline.

You matter.
You deserve to be heard.
I believe in you.

With love,


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