Prevent Illness by Allowing Emotions to Move Through the Body


I had other plans for today's Love Letter to you. I was all set to tell you about my new project, and now, all I can think about is what's happening to our planet. All the devastation and loss of life—in all forms. First Harvey, now Irma, then Jose and Katia. All interwoven with insane fires and ash on the west coast and an enormous earthquake in Mexico. This is a scary time with some crazy weather. 

As a native Floridian with pretty much all of my family living there, I am especially concerned about all those who may be impacted by this most intense hurricane on record. My husband's family evacuated (they live in Miami) while my family has decided to stay (they're on the west coast of the state). 

Even though I would have made a different choice than my family, this is another lesson that the only person I can control is myself. And in case it isn't clear by my previous declarations that I am a "recovering perfectionist," I certainly don't think I have all the answers. 

Here's what's true in this moment: I am scared. 

I'm doing my best to stay positive while allowing myself to feel the fear. I do not fear fear. Instead, I use it (like all my emotions) as an informant. In my experience, one of the best things we can do with our emotions is let them move through our bodies so they don't get stuck and wreak havoc. Just watch what happens with children when their emotions aren't suppressed. There is a cycle of sensation, expression, release, and recalibration. It happens quite quickly when we avoid interfering. Believe it or not, it's the same with adults!

One of the many things I learned from Louise Hay, one of my earliest mentors who recently transitioned into the spirit realm, is that honoring the flow of our feelings and addressing our needs can help to prevent illness that can manifest from the stagnated energy of stuck and unexpressed emotions. 

Even though I am concerned and have fear for all the life, all the animals (human and non-human), my family, friends, and so many I don't even know, I send love and light and pure blessings for safety

My heart is there.

Maybe after this is all over, I'll send a special Love Letter to you during the week to let you know about my project. 

For now, know that I hold each of you in my heart and send extra love to those of you who are in harm's way. I'm wrapping you in a blanket of protective light. May all Beings be safe.

With abundant love and light,

P.S. Want to make a difference in how your actions contribute to planetary weather patterns? Check out Cowspiracy on Netflix and learn how animal agriculture is the leading cause of global warming.



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