The Joy of Glass Jar Storage

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After learning about the dangers of BPAs in plastics, I began my search for alternative food storage options for our family.

First, we tested stainless steel food storage containers. Even though they had plastic lids, it was impossible to easily see inside them and in the fridge, out of sight = out of mind, leading to perished food.

The second thing I discovered over time is that wide, shallow containers expose more of the food's surface to air, which tends to make it spoil more quickly.

Since we make almost everything from scratch and had a lot of success with storing our homemade beans in glass quart jars, we decided to see how it'd work with our cooked brown rice and quinoa.

Success! With excitement, we moved on to other jar sizes, including pints and half-pints, which are great for sauces. Now we use wide-mouth glass jars to store everything from veggies to leftovers and have never looked back. 

With less plastic, easy viewing, convenience, keeping fresh longer, and affordable storage that's also simple to organize, we've got everything we need in glass jars. Oh, and to get everything into those jars, we use this stainless steel wide-mouth funnel

My all-time favorite use for glass jars is my DIY Salad Bar., where's that kitchen elf to handle all the cooking? 😉


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