How to Make Better Lists


Lists. Lists. Oh, how I love my lists!

Admittedly, I sometimes cross over into obsession (confession: sometimes when I do something that isn’t on the list, I'll add it just so I can cross it out).

As compulsions go, I’m okay with this is one.

I used to write my grocery lists on paper, sometimes forget the sheet at home, and then try to remember what we needed as I stood in the produce department. Not efficient.

Always one for an update, I came up with a brilliant idea several years ago. (Yes, I just bragged, and I highly recommend you practice doing it too!) 😊

Google Drive was new and I had already used it for my business (back when I had Allison's Gourmet), so why not do so for my personal life—starting with our grocery list?

With the ability to create spreadsheets, I set up a list of what we buy, arranged by department, with boxes to enter the quantity.

After I fill out my list in the kitchen (or David fills it out from home while I’m on my way to the store), I use the Google Drive app on my phone to see the list at the store.

As soon as it goes into the cart, I erase the number so I know I have it and now, the sheet will be blank for the next shopping trip.

Since Google Drive also allows sharing documents with other people, I gave David access so that when he’s out and about, he can easily pick up whatever we need. Very efficient.

One of the 8 Holistic Self-care Principles I coach my clients with is Creating Space. Making shopping lists like this has saved me so much time and freed up mental space for more important things.

With love,

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