Waiting Is An Action


Does it feel like the external world never wants you to stop? Working, shopping, cleaning, cooking, eating, care-taking, making, doing, doing, doing...

Living in the doing can stop the flow of Being. I know that happens for me. 

Thinking of all the things we need to DO sometimes makes us so overwhelmed that there's no room or energy for imagination.

When we feel stuck, sometimes the answer is to invite a hearty helping of creativity.

Instead of constant doing, we have the option to choose to stop. And wait.

In the frenzied non-stop pace we've learned to keep in the world today, waiting can feel like inaction.

Hang out with a cat and you'll learn very quickly that waiting is absolutely an action.

It's all about conserving energy. There is stillness, watching, crouching, waiting, pupil dilation, a butt wiggle, and then—in just the right moment—a pounce!

Shortly after the pounce, there is a return to relaxation. 

No energy is wasted.

Next time you notice feeling overwhelmed or chaotic, stop. Wait.

Sense yourself in the moment. Ask: What am I experiencing in my body? How am I feeling emotionally?

You'll be amazed by the potential you generate in the wait.

With love,

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