Sometimes pushing isn’t the answer.


Bleary-eyed, numb-handed, and red-nosed, my feet slid out from under me. Feeling awkward in my body and off-balance was a foreign experience for me.

Yesterday, I discovered my personal version of misery.

Last week was Olivia’s Spring Break. We each made a list of how we wanted to spend the week. She wanted lots of playdates and I wanted to do some organizing and deep cleaning. Yep, that’s one kind of fun for me—don’t judge.

We both got what we wanted, and I even let our house be filled with 5th grade girls practicing a surprise performance for their awesome teacher. If you’re an introvert too, I know ya feel me on that.

But. There was one thing on her list I dreaded and hoped she’d forget: ice skating. After watching the Winter Olympics this year, Olivia was reinspired. And when it appeared on her Spring Break Fun list, I shuddered. Not a fan of being cold or a beginner, I sure didn’t want to be the one to take her.

Growing up, I tore around the roller rink on my speed skates with glow-in-the-dark wheels and purple (of course!) laces. I’d been ice skating once before and instantly decided that I was a roller skater NOT an ice skater.

As a Recovering Perfectionist and a Sensation Scientist (exploring sensations through movement and stillness within my body), putting myself in the path of new-to-me skills and being a beginner is a regular practice. So, I braced myself, bundled up, and laced up my skates to try it one more time.

Turns out, my first impression was the right one. Ice skating is not for me.

Sometimes pushing isn’t the answer. Sometimes we know right away: “First thought. Best thought.”

How can you tell the difference? By the way it feels in your body and in your heart.

Fear and dislike are very different sensations. Is there excitement? A little flutter of joy? Or is it more of a recoiling? Do you move toward it or away?

Listen. Your body will tell you. If you're not sure how to decode the answer, use the Body Pendulum, a helpful tool I use regularly.

Trust yourself. You have all the answers you need. They‘re inside. If you want support in learning how to do that, I got you. Let‘s talk!

With love,

P.S. When we got home last night, Olivia confessed that she prefers roller skating to ice skating. She likes the glide of the skates on ice, but the roller environment is better for her too. Even though I would’ve completely supported her in ice skating, I may have jumped up and down in excitement when she told me that—more time on the wheels for us both!

P.P.S. Two fun things: 
1. The song playing in the background? “I wish that I could be like the cool kids.” hahaha! 
2. Watch for the purple blur of Olivia skating behind me at 43 seconds.


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