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The most important relationship you’ll ever have is the one with your body. Ditch the drudgery of “exercise.” Move with JOY. Get INTO your body, experience deep healing, and infuse your life with confidence.

When was the last time you moved with JOY? When was the last time you felt LOVE for your body and felt healed and nurtured?

Welcome! I’m Allison and I’m thrilled you're here. 😊

As a certified First Degree Black Belt Nia instructor, I offer dynamic and healing movement classes that combine dance, martial arts, and healing arts (like yoga and mindfulness) in easy-to-follow steps.

Before I discovered Nia in 2008, exercising and sweating felt like something I had to do, rather than something I wanted to do. 

Now, in my Nia classes, I have so much fun that I don’t realize that I’m doing those things and healing too. Hooray for side benefits!

Here’s what I invite you to do in my classes (scroll down for the schedule):

  • Discover fun, ease, and joy, through a playful, healing flow
  • Develop a loving relationship with your magnificent body
  • Regenerate and renew as you build flexibility and strength in body, brain, and spirit
  • Enhance your life with a workout that builds physical, mental, and emotional resilience

Join me to move and heal!

P.S. Scroll down for my current class schedule, to sign up, and to see what some of my wonderful students say about my classes.




"Allison’s classes are a great way to get a boost of energy, whole body workout, increase stamina, burn a lot of calories, and get on with your day. I always walk out with a smile on my face and feel like I can accomplish anything I want to for the rest of the day."

Jen Gerstung
Hair Artist

"I love dancing with Allison; her dedication and knowledge of the Nia approach allows me to sink into a deeper connection with my body. Often, after her classes I experience heightened emotional and mental clarity, plus I get an awesome and intelligent cardio workout!"

Shannon Schroter
Owner, Grateful Body

"I always feel elevated in body, mind, and spirit after Allison’s classes. She challenges me to sweat, offers the perfect focus or phrase to work with even after class, and she makes me laugh! Her passion, creativity, and joy are absolutely contagious. So much Fun, So much Yes!!"

Diana DeMarco
Massage Therapist


Classes offered online only Tuesdays + Thursdays at 9am Pacific. Reservation required.


Expires at end of month.
Reservation required.



Expires at end of month.
Reservation required.



Expires in ten weeks.
Reservation required.




Reservation required.



"I’ve been attending various Nia classes since 2008, and while the modality of dance, martial arts, and yoga is in itself a brilliant discipline, an instructor such as Allison endows the practice with grace, beauty and insight. Along with all these stellar attributes, Allison always brings to her classes playfulness and just plain fun!"

Karla Arens

"Moving, dancing, stretching, taking care of body and spirit—it’s always fresh, pleasurable, and challenging when Allison is guiding us. Besides inviting us to an excellent workout, she gives just the right amount of reminders about alignment, adapting for what is right for each body, and bringing awareness to how we are engaged—all without missing a beat."

Ellen Fietz Hall

"I love Nia, and Allison’s classes are loads of fun. Her guidance is easy to follow and offers a personalized challenge as she encourages each dancer to follow their body’s way of moving. When I can’t go, I miss moving to the music, smiling at friends on the dance floor, and using my body to keep it young. Barefoot dancing on the padded floor at Shine is not-to-be-missed!"

Susan Wilson