Want to know how it would feel if you moved yourself to the top of your priority list, could lovingly say "no" to what's not in alignment, and lived your life "on purpose?"

DO YOU EVER WONDER HOW... made it this far? I sure do! Hi, I'm Allison and I come from a family of teachers, entrepreneurs, and addicts. I've turned all that into fuel to help myself and others.

Raising myself...
As an only child raised by a workaholic single mom, I often had to fend for myself. By my seventh birthday, I did everything from getting to the school bus on time to putting myself to bed at night, while my mother was at her third job of the day. I shoveled down frozen dinners and swallowed my loneliness as I followed in the footsteps of my family’s food addiction and poor health. I listened in as my mother obsessed with her mother about the latest fad diet they were trying—even as they grew morbidly obese—and something inside me knew there had to be a better way.

Grasping for safety...
I spent my late teens and 20s devouring books on healthy eating, compassion, spirituality, and natural healing. I found a way to make peace with food by cultivating a healthy relationship with it. I dove so deep into food that for two decades my singular career focus was as a chef, creating healthy, delectable plant-based comfort foods and sweets. I started the first online vegan bakery and confectionary, Allison's Gourmet, wrote an award-winning magazine column, and went on to write Comfortably Yum and The Dairy-Freedom Cookbook

Falling to my knees...
Sadly, even with all of this knowledge and success, I couldn't save my mother. At the young age of 59, she died of a heart attack. I was 20 weeks pregnant, and she never got to meet her granddaughter.

I was left feeling alone, lost, and confused, just in time for the arrival of my greatest teacher: my daughter. Truth be told, I was a perfect mother—right up until the moment I went into labor. Ha! That’s when my life unraveled.

Finding my way...
I had a beautiful baby girl and no idea what I was doing. There was no map, nor were there directions for the kind of mother I wanted to be. Choosing conscious parenting has humbled me in a way I never imagined. And though it’s been the most arduous leg of my journey so far, it’s also been the most worthwhile.

I traded in my baggage for tools that transformed me. I began to nourish myself by eating plant-based whole foods. I learned to love my body through the Joy of Movement in my Nia practice. By sitting in daily meditation and exercising mindfulness, I discovered how to distinguish my inner voice from the outer noise. By talking kindly to myself, practicing forgiveness, saying no to outside agendas, and saying yes to me, I created space to nurture my heart, mind, and soul. Participating in women's groups showed me that I'm not uniquely broken and in need of fixing. In fact, my struggles are completely normal.

Helping you find yours...
I’ve learned that there are more ways to be fed than just with food. When I nurture myself with loving self-care, I’m able to share my very best self with others. And you can, too. What would your life look like if you made loving yourself a priority? Take my hand, and let’s find your path to authentic happiness.

With love,

Passionate about empowering women to prioritize themselves jubilantly, create authentic happiness, and live their lives “on purpose,” Allison Rivers Samson is a Self-care Coach, Speaker, Workshop Leader, and Visionary. For 20 years, she ran Allison’s Gourmet, the first online vegan bakery and confectionary, which she retired in 2016. Allison is an award-winning author of Comfortably Yum and The Dairy-Freedom Cookbook, Nia Black Belt instructor who transforms exercise into joyful movement, mama to lifelong vegan Olivia, and co-creator of The Dairy Detox.


Want to know how it would feel if you moved yourself to the top of your priority list, could lovingly say "no" to what's not in alignment, and lived your life "on purpose?"


"The self-care sessions Allison created were transformative. She taught us things that I hope to never forget. She was able to plant seeds of self nurturing with deep roots. Allison always speaks from a place of love and intention. I am so grateful for her guidance. "

Donna S.

"Allison is a caring, compassionate coach. Before working together, I was depressed and riddled with daily anxiety. Within a few months, my health and relationships improved, stress has decreased, I've let go of perfection, have new insight into my life goals, and how to get there."

Kim B.

"Allison knows how to help you find room for yourself, even in the busiest life. She also knows how to make healthy eating indulgent, turn workouts into personal play dates, and turn what you have to do into what you can hardly wait to do. She's kinda magical."

Victoria Moran
author of The Good Karma Diet

"Allison's message—genuine, engaging, compassionate—resonates so deeply. I am enjoying life more: I am learning to gracefully decline overcommitting myself, to speak to myself in a loving way, and to do what I love without the need to justify it as productive. "

Marla Rose
co-founder, Vegan Street Media

"Allison shares more than the material aspects of self-care, like sleep, exercise, and good food, with a wise twist that taking pleasure in vegan food promotes joy on the planet. She also speaks of the deep psychological aspects of cultivating an inner voice of kindness."

Carol Hee Barnett
New York